A solution to bring strength and cost benefits to timber buildings

The development of a structural wood connection providing satisfactory load transfer, joint stiffness and easy installation led to the invention of the timber rivets. Timber rivets are hardened steel nails with a rectangular cross section used in making steel-timber-steel connections with high load transfer capacity and high stiffness. Rivets are available in 3 standard lengths; 40, 65, and 90 mm (Rivet_flyer.pdf).




Advantages for designers

Timber rivet connections offer a number of benefits to the designers such as:

  • High load transfer capacity
  • Tight-fit dowel action providing stiff connections
  • High ductility and the ability to dissipate dynamic loads if detailed to fail in a ductile fashion
  • Low variability in strength and deflection properties
  • No pre-drilling required and no reduction of timber cross section
  • Easy to install and inspect in the field
  • A cost-effective alternative to other dowel type fasteners (Rivet_cost-efficiency_analysis.pdf)



Timber rivet connections have been used successfully in Canada and the U.S. in different types of structures over the last 4 decades such as in:

  • Long span truss connections
  • Long span beam splices
  • Beam-to-column and column-to-foundation connections
  • Couple moment connections
  • Energy dissipating connections
  • Shear wall hold-down anchorages

and recently in New Zealand.



Sample applications of timber rivet connections

(Specialized Timber Fasteners Ltd., Canada)





Riveted connections of Carterton Event Centre

(McIntosh Timber Laminates Ltd., NZ)



Riveted connections of Trimble building

(TimberLab Ltd., NZ)



Riveted connections of portal frame for URM bldg seismic retrofit

(EQStruc Ltd., NZ)


Available Design Guide

The design guide outlines a new method to establish capacities for Timber Rivet connections developed by Dr Pouyan Zarnani as his PhD research outcome under supervision of Prof Pierre Quenneville at The University of Auckland. The guide provides an aid for engineers for designing timber rivet connections in structural wood products made of Australasian Radiata Pine, including sawn timber, glulam and laminated veneer lumber (LVL). The design guide includes the design checks for both wood and fastener load-carrying capacities under different loading directions; parallel and perpendicular to grain. 

The guide is accessible through EXPAN (formerly STIC) administered by Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA).







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